Body – Shoulders & Chest 15%

Shoulders and Chest
 15%: Shoulders sloping–clean, muscular, not heavy or loaded–conveying the idea of freedom of action with activity and strength. Chest deep and broad, but not broad enough to interfere with the free play of the shoulders. Defects: Straight, upright shoulders. Chest disproportionately wide or with lack of depth.

There should be forechest visible in front of the shoulders and front legs, allowing for sufficient lung/heart capacity and layback of shoulder. The end of the sternum should be behind the front legs and the brisket should reach at least to, or preferably a bit below, the point of the elbow. The distance between withers and ground is equally divided by elbow and depth of chest.

In the correct shoulder assembly, a line dropped from the tip of the scapula to the ground will fall through the front leg. The length of the scapula should be equal to the length of the humerus.

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