Body – Back, Loin and Ribs 15%

Back, Loin and Ribs 15%: 
Back short, muscular and strong. Loin broad and slightly arched, and the ribs well sprung, giving abundance of lung room. Defects: Very long or swayed or roached back. Flat, narrow loin. Flat ribs.

The ribs should extend well back, 2/3 of the distance from the withers to the point of hip should be ribbing, the remaining 1/3, the loin.  The ribs should spring wide from the spine gradually rounded off as they reach the brisket.  Viewed in profile, the Beagle should have a slight tuck-up with a gradual rise in the underline from where it becomes visible behind the front leg to where it disappears behind the rear leg.

The topline should be level.  The “slightly arched” loin does not mean a roach or curve resulting in a low tail set.  Muscle development along either side of the spine gives the loin a slightly arched look when viewed from above, the front or behind, but not in profile.  Viewed from above, the shoulders/chest and the pelvis should be of equal width.

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