Coat 5%


Coat 5%:A close, hard, hound coat of medium length. Defects: A short, thin coat, or of a soft quality. Color: Any true hound color.

A coat as described in the standard provides protection from brush and brambles, a requirement for a hunting hound. “Any true hound color” includes traditional black/tan/white tri, or blue tri. The tri-colored Beagle can be either richly and deeply colored or faded (the blanket containing more tan than black or blue hairs). Other, equally acceptable colors, are tan/white, lemon/white, red/white & chocolate, as well as variations and dilutes of these colors. While ticking on a Beagle is fine, grizzle or brindling are not acceptable.

Markings can add or detract from the overall appearance of the Beagle. The quality of the hound, not the arrangement of color, is the important matter. Markings can sometimes create optical illusions when evaluating a Beagle but should not be allowed to distract from the actual conformation or movement.

The words “Any true hound color” in the Beagle standard cannot be emphasized enough.  Any artificial enhancement of coat color is to be penalized.

The NBC website has some examples of a variety of the correct coat colors.

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