Running Gear – Feet 10%


Feet 10%:  Close, round and firm. Pad full and hard.  Defects: Feet long, open or spreading.

Feet account for 10 points, emphasizing their importance.  A firm cat foot with hard, full pads allows the Beagle to hunt for hours over difficult terrain.  Bent pasterns, flat spreading feet or long feet are ineffective supports for a working hound.  Occasionally a foot with an exceptionally short outer toe is seen, nearly always on the front legs.  An x-ray of the foot reveals a short metatarsal bone for that toe.  This does not conform to the required cat foot and is generally found on feet which are otherwise quite tight and firm.  A short toe is to be penalized, as it does not allow for a complete foot on the ground, resulting in an ineffective support for balance or turning.

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